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When It All Falls Apart

When It All Falls Apart (2006)

Steinberg/Alexander/L & J Origliasso

Performed by The Veronicas

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When It All Falls Apart

I’m having the day from hell
It was all going so well before you came
And you told me you needed space
With a kiss on the side of my face...not again
And not to mention the tears I shed
When I should have kicked your ass instead
I need intervention
Attention to stop temptation to scream...baby

Everything is f’ed up
Straight from the heart
Tell me what do you do
When it all falls apart?
Gotta pick myself up
Where do I start?
‘cause I can’t turn to you
When it all falls apart

Don’t know where I parked my car
Don’t know who my real friends are anymore
I put my faith in you
What a stupid thing to do...when it rains it pours
And not to mention I drank too much
I’m feelin’ hungover and out of touch
I need intervention
Attention to stop this temptation to scream...baby


BRIDGE: Can’t it be easier? Can’t I just change my life?
‘cause it just seems to go bad everytime
Will I be mending?
Another one ending once again