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We’re Dancing

We’re Dancing (2013)


Performed by Bridgit Mendler

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We’re Dancing

When you take my hand, your face is all I see
And all the walls fade to black like a movie scene
Our feet start to move, whatcha do to this linoleum?
It’s like the perfect dance floor
Put your hand around my waist, I hear the violins
And one step is all it takes and my head spins
I don’t see the walls at all since the minute that we stepped away from this place

We’re dancin’ and then the world disappears
We’re dancin’ to music no one else hears
It’s magic, it’s like we’re stopping time
When your heart beat’s mine, when we’re dancin’
Dancin’, dancin’, when we’re dancin’
Dancin’, dancin’, when we’re dancin’

The world is soft like a blur, all I see is color
My heart is full so it hurts when we’re with each other
You’re a sweet songbird when you’re singing in my ear
Goosebumps run down my skin when…


I think that we could live for moments like this
The sweetest romancin’
Feels like there’s all this magic and we just gotta grab it
When we’re dancin’