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The Initiator

The Initiator (2012)


Performed by Fefe Dobson

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The Initiator

When I like what I see
Somethin’ inside of me
Tells me that I gotta be
Hittin’ on it...hittin’ on it

When it looks pretty hot
I don’t give it a second thought
Because I know that I oughtta be
Hittin’ on it...hittin’ on it

Girls are taught not to make the first move
But when I’m in the mood

I am the initiator
I don’t bide my time
I take him home to get him alone
I bend his will to mine

I am the initiator
I move in for the kiss
I slip the tongue, I start the fun
I like it like this...I like it like this

He looks just about my age
Babyface and long legs
A little sugar, a little rage
I’m hittin’ on it...hittin’ on it

Listen up girls, you know it’s all right
Go get what you’re wanting tonight


I gotta feel good
I gotta feel right
I gotta bang bang
All through the night