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Someone Wake Me Up

Someone Wake Me Up (2007)

Alexander/Steinberg/L & J Origliasso

Performed by The Veronicas

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Someone Wake Me Up

We’ve got the same friends
We’re gonna have to see each other eventually
So won’t you tell me how we’re gonna deal with that

All my cd’s are at your place
And you know I’m gonna have to pick ‘em up
So won’t you tell me how we’re gonna deal with that

Even though it was mutual
It still kills inside
‘cause for so long, you’re how I’ve been defined

It feels just like I’m going crazy
I guess that this is breaking up
And now not even you can save me
Will someone wake me up?

Never thought that we’d go under
I guess we won’t be making up
And if this is a dream I wonder
Could someone wake me up?

I still have your old shirt
You know the one I said I’d thrown away
I put it on when I went to bed last night

And baby, is this where our story ends?
When I turn out the light
Fantasy and reality fight


Even though it’s over now
It still kills me inside
‘cause for so long you’ve been my life