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Over It

Over It (2007)


Performed by Katharine McPhee

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Over It

I’m over your lies, I’m over your games
I’m over you askin’ me when you know I’m not okay
You call me at night and I pick up the phone
And though you be tellin’ me, I know you’re not alone
And that’s why...your eyes...I’m over it
Your smile...I’m over it
Realize...I’m over it, I’m over it, I’m over

Wanting you to be wanting me
No, that ain’t no way to be
How I feel? Read my lips
Because, I’m so over
I’m so movin’ on, it’s my time
You never were a friend of mine
Hurt at first a little bit
But now I’m so over, I’m so over it

I’m over your hands, I’m over your mouth
Tryin’ to drag me down and fill me with self-doubt
And that’s why...your world...I’m over it
So sure...I’m over it
I’m not your girl...I’m over it, I’m over it, I’m over


Don’t call, don’t come by
Ain’t no use, don’t ask me why
You’ll never change
There’ll be no more cryin’ in the rain