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My Idea of Heaven

My Idea of Heaven (2006)


Performed by Leigh Nash

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My Idea of Heaven

I never thought I’d get here
I was so far away
I didn’t believe in love
Thought it was just a game people play

Everything changed when I met you
I touched your hand, you took my heart
And you led me to a better place
Just the two of us in the dark

This is my idea of heaven
Lying here with you
This is my idea of heaven
Nothing else I’d rather do
To feel your heart beating
To feel our lips meeting
This is my idea of heaven, ooh

I never thought you’d get here
Why’d you make me wait?
But when I looked into your eyes
I recognized you were my fate

I’d been living in a lonely shell
With no windows to the world
How in God’s name did you find
The Lone Star’s loneliest girl?


In heaven, love is everywhere
There is no pain, there are no tears
In heaven love lasts forever
It doesn’t disappear