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My Father’s Eyes

My Father’s Eyes (1994)


Performed by Marie Claire D'Ubaldo

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My Father’s Eyes

When I was just three
My father left to fight
I remember his eyes looking at me

When will he come home?
I asked my mother
She’d always tell me “soon”
But one year followed the other

Candlelight casts shadows on the wall
Dark of night, footsteps in the hall

He’ll come home - hold on to his memory
All I know is I feel his blood inside of me
He’ll come home - like a lonesome bird that flies
In my dreams I see my father’s eyes

They stopped saying his name
Mother took a lover
But I never gave up hope
Of seeing my father

I never let them see
The tears I held inside
I have my father’s eyes
I have my father’s pride

Someday soon, tomorrow or today
The full moon will light his way


He’d lift me up so I could see the world go by
He’d kiss my tears away whenever I would cry
He’d always tell me that I was his little dove
But he never said goodbye
And I still feel his love