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Leave Me Alone

Leave Me Alone (2006)

Alexander/Steinberg/L & J Origliasso

Performed by The Veronicas

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Leave Me Alone

I’m gettin’ tired of you pushin’ me ‘round,
Draggin’ me down, makin’ a sound
Because you wanna
I guess that’s why I like messin’ with you
Puttin’ ya through a lesson or two
Because I’m gonna

Before I go my own way...I just gotta say

Leave me alone...get out of my face
I’m tired and low and feelin’ so misplaced
Time for you to go
Cuz I know I’m better off on my own
Oh, leave me alone...this isn’t gonna work
Don’t call me on the phone...I’m all out of the words
I’ll face the unknown
Thinking about all the ways that I’ve grown
Oh, leave me alone...leave me alone...leave me alone

There was a time I thought you were the one
Havin’ some fun, gettin’ it done
What an illusion
Cuz you were tryin’ to take control of me
That couldn’t be...I need to be free
Of this confusion

Don’t give me your guilt trip...I’m so over it


Don’t turn around and don’t look back
I see right through all your selfless acts