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I Don’t Want to Lose You

I Don’t Want to Lose You (1988)


Performed by REO Speedwagon

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I Don’t Want to Lose You

You left this morning on an early train
You left your picture behind to haunt me
You left in a steady rain
You say you’ll miss me, you say you’ll want me

I’m left this morning with a world of doubt
I’m left this morning indecently exposed
So much we never did talk about
And your kiss goodbye said the case is closed

I don’t want to lose you
I don’t want to lose the best love that I ever found
Don’t want to lose you
Why didn’t I cry when you said goodbye?
Why didn’t I breakdown - breakdown and say
I don’t want to lose you

We met last night in a public place
And your new lover was just across the street
The tears washed across your face
Oh girl, I wanted to pull you close to me

You said you couldn’t wait for me no more
That you’ve grown tired of living all alone
And when you walked out that door
Then I realized I should have known before


Now I remember all the things that we did
The warmth of your smile and your tender touch
I always knew I cared about you, kid
I just didn’t know how much