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I’m Only Good With You

I’m Only Good With You (2007)


Performed by LP

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I’m Only Good With You

Mostly I’m bad
Mostly I make the people that care about me and love me sad
I don’t know why
Mostly I lie
Maybe it’s because I don’t want anyone to know who I am
Oh but you, with your angel face
You take me to a place I’ve never been
Oh and you, with your innocence, you break through my defense

I’m only good with you
I’m only good with you
I’ve done so many things wrong
I’ve sung a thousand songs
What did you see in me?
It’s still a mystery
Thought that I was through
You made me someone new
And I’m only good with you
I’m only good with you

Mostly I’m a mess
I never say “no”, get myself in trouble tellin’ everybody “yes”
I don’t know why
Ah, but you, with your fearless love
You’re better than any drug I ever had
Oh and you, you make me see the light in my darkest night


When you’re around
All the demons in my head
Can’t be found
Can’t be found