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California (1997)


Performed by Belinda Carlisle

One response to “California”

  1. Kirk says:

    I moved to Montreal in 1992. Was a fan of Belinda Carlisle’s from the beginning of her career w/ The Go Gos’. Then of course her solo albums. But after her 3rd solo album (‘Runaway Horses’) I kind of lost track of her career and never paid much attention to her later releases. Then the beginning of this year I became aware that all of her solo albums were being re released/ remastered in deluxe volumes via a company in the UK (Demon Music Group/ Edsel). SADLY, I found that the albums were only being released in the UK/Europe and not here in North America. I spent a small fortune getting all of the remastered deluxe editions via AMAZON UK. I am rediscovering Belinda’s music all over again, AND discovering her 3 albums that I never listened to before ‘ A WOMAN AND A MAN’ being one of them. This album has become my newest music album ADDICTION. I listen to it every single day, and especially LOVE (!!!!!!!) the track “California” (the video is equally impressive). Billy Steinberg, I am well aware of your extensive musical resume and your astonishing musical gift that you have happily shared with us all..I LOVE YA, DUDE !!!! XX Kirk..in Montreal.

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I remember I was in the tanning salon
When I heard that River Phoenix was gone
They say that only the good die young
But that ain’t true where I come from

It took a lot for me to say
I want to walk away, L.A.
From the sharks and the chardonnay
In California...In California

4 in the morning, we were in our beds
The swaying palm trees above our heads
Woke up to a primal, rumbling sound
When the Northridge quake ripped open the ground


Golden State
I’m back in the Golden State
The golden state of mind
Golden State
I’m back in the Golden State
The golden state of mind