Songcraft Podcast

July 26, 2016

SONGCRAFT: Spotlight on Songwriters

Ep. 41 - Billy Steinberg


Scott and Paul meet up with Billy to find out why the only time he met Madonna turned out to be a disappointment; the reason he resisted rewriting "True Colors;" how Prince inspired Whitney Houston's "So Emotional;"  what happened when he and co-writer Tom Kelly's childhood hero came roaring up to their studio in a red Lamborghini convertible; why his songs tend to be recorded by women; which artist is his absolute favorite of all the ones he's worked with; and how he continues to stay relevant with recent hits by JoJo, Demi Lovato, and others.

Sodajerker on Songwriting

November 9, 2011

In the first episode of Sodajerker On Songwriting, co-hosts Simon Barber and Brian O’Connor introduce the podcast and talk to Grammy winning songwriter Billy Steinberg about the many pop classics he has written, including ‘Like A Virgin’ (Madonna), ‘True Colors’ (Cyndi Lauper), ‘Eternal Flame’ (The Bangles) and ‘I Drove All Night’ (Roy Orbison).


Madonna Tribe

March 8, 2006

He made it through the wilderness
MadonnaTribe meets Billy Steinberg

In 2004, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the song Like A Virgin, we put together and article with its story through the years. Now, in 2006, we finally had the chance to have a chat with Billy Steinberg, the author of the song, who spoke to the MadonnaTribe team about this signature Madonna song and about other timeless compositions he wrote for the likes of Cyndi Lauper, The Bangles and Mel C among others.

Follow us through this interview with Billy, to discover the qualities a song must have to stay "shiny and new" through decades.

MadonnaTribe: Hello Billy, it's great to have you here at MadonnaTribe for this chat. So, when did you realize you wanted to be a songwriter?

Billy Steinberg: Well, I started writing songs at Bard College in upstate New York. I was 18 years old. It was 1968. Before that, I sang in rock bands and a blues band, but we did cover songs, not originals.

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The Beats Within

September 28, 2005

Q. Can you tell me about your musical background in your own words, including your early influences, any musical training you may have received and how you began your career in the music business?

A. As a child I fell in love with hit records. I started collecting records really avidly and this was in the late 1950s. Some of my early favourite records were like "All I Have to do is Dream" by the Everly Brothers, "Poor Little Fool" by Ricky Nelson, "Little Star" by The Elegants, "Come Softly To Me" by The Fleetwoods. Those were some of the early songs that kind of got me excited about collecting records and listening to songs. Then when I was in junior high school, I guess I was thirteen or fourteen years old The Beatles came out and I just got so excited. When I heard "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" and "She Loves You" and "Please, Please Me" I just couldn't believe how I felt for those songs. Then the Animals came out with "House of the Rising Sun", The Kinks came out with "You Really Got Me", The Rolling Stones came out with "The Last Time", The Zombies came out with "She's Not There" and The Yardbirds came out with "For Your Love". The natural thing was to start a rock band. So I formed this band called The Fables and that was in Palm Springs, California - that's where I grew up. We used to play at the youth centre dances, the high school dances and private parties. We were just like a cover band, playing all those songs and others like them. I didn't play an instrument at that time and I was the lead singer in that band and then another band that came after that. It wasn't until I was eighteen years old that I started to play the guitar and at that same time I went off to college. I went to Bard College in upstate New York and I wasn't in a band there, but I was writing songs day in, day out.

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